What You Should Know About 4K Security Cameras

If you are planning to install security systems in your home or business, you should consider 4K security cameras. These cameras come with contract performance and improved resolution. This means they can be used in adverse conditions, and they are now the most sought after. They are used in high definition surveillance systems. Maybe you are concerned that 4K security cameras are expensive and are associated with the high cost of installation and bandwidth. Before buying these cameras, you need to know what they are, where to purchase them, and where to install them.


4k security camA 4K security camera is one with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and over 8 million pixels. They are also known as 2160p, 8MP, and ultra HD cameras. Remember that an image comprises millions of pixels both vertically and horizontally. This type of camera provides clear details of objects. For instance, you can easily read the license plates of vehicles and even identify the clothing characters of passersby. With this capability, you can identify the facial features of burglars and thieves who break into the home.

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You are probably wondering how a 4K security camera can be compared to complex photographic and TV equipment. Ideally, this camera has a large sensor with low-light sensitivity. This allows it to deliver 8MP high resolution. Moreover, the use of a 12-bit video codec makes 4K CCTV systems provide high-quality images. Remember that having a 4K sensor is not a guarantee that you will get a 4K IP camera. There is a need to check whether it delivers a resolution of 3840 x 2160p.

Benefits of 4K Security Cameras

You should note that a 4K security camera provides clearer images than 1440p, 1080p, and 720p cameras. By using this type of camera, you can see finer details clearly. The good thing about a 4K security camera is that it provides digital zoom capability. Although the more you zoom in on an image, the more blurry it becomes, this is not the case with this type of camera.

Another benefit of a 4K CCTV camera is the wider field of view. As a result, you can cover a large area with a single camera. This means you can save money, which makes a 4K security camera a cheaper option. For instance, the 4K PTZ camera is designed to expand the view angle or even rotate to offer 360 degrees. Therefore, you should only get this camera if you need fine details.

What You Should Know About 4K Security Cameras