All You Need to Know About Spy Cameras


With everyone looking for a security camera today, you may be wondering what spy cameras are and how they can be of use to you. Are they the same as CCTV cameras? In this article, I will shed some light on what you need to know about spy cameras.


Spy Cameras Are Different from Cctv Cameras

There is a thick line between spy cameras and CCTV cameras. To begin with, spy cameras record the activities of a person without his or her knowledge. That is why they need to be hard to detect for them to do their job, and perhaps that is why they are sometimes called hidden cameras. On the other hand, CCTV cameras are visible, and everyone is aware that they are recording the activities going on.


They Are Used for Spying

As the name suggests, spy cameras are used covertly to spy on someone or a group of people. They are used to unearth information that one would otherwise not be able to observe. For example, they are used to spy on a cheating partner. They are also used to spy on the activities of nannies and caregivers. They are installed in warehouses to spy on the activities of storekeepers and to track the movement of goods in and out of the warehouse.


camera They Are Normally Small in Size

As you would expect, a spy camera should be as small as possible for it to be hard to detect. If it is big, it would be hard for it to be unnoticeable unless it is disguised as something else. Despite the size, spy cameras are impeccable in their performance. They can detect movements, smoke, and noise. They normally have a long battery life that allows them to record videos and store them in an SD card. These high-resolution videos help users discover what happened when they were away.


They Are Normally Disguised as Something Else

A spy camera should be placed in an open place from where it can record all the occurrences easily. In spite of this open strategic positioning, it should be hardly noticeable. For these reasons, spy cameras may be disguised as other things such as pens, wrist watches, and wall clocks. Therefore, do not be surprised if you come across a spy camera that is disguised as a handbag or a packet of cigarettes. You should always choose the best disguise for the camera’s use. If you want to spy on your child’s nanny, for example, look for a hidden camera disguised as a television set or a mobile phone.


They Come in Various Types and Brands

There are several types of spy cameras. For starters, there are still and video spy cameras. There are also hardwired and wireless spy cameras. Other types depending on the disguise include sports shoes hidden spy cameras, cellphone charger spy cameras, toilet brush spy cameras, and men’s shower gel spy cameras. The list is endless. You can read reviews of these spy camera types and others on various spy camera review websites online. One of such websites is Visit this website and learn all there is to learn on various spy camera brands.…