Effective Ways of Protecting Your Computer from Malware

Malware and virus attack is one of the main issues that affect computer owes and many organizations. It is a problem that can cause serious loss or damage to your business. Most people have been using anti-virus programs to protect their devices against viruses. Virus attack is one of the worst scenarios that can happen. You should learn how to protect your devices from online attacks and virus. This post is going to highlight the proven tips that can help you in protecting your computers against spyware, malicious dialers and viruses.

Updating Your Software

software update

Software makers such as Oracle and Microsoft have been updating their software to make them effective in fixing bugs that are exploited by hackers. For instance, Oracles’ Java software is helpful in fixing security holes hackers that can infect your devices with malware.

Avoid Clicking on Links Within Your Emails

Computers uses and owners are discouraged from clicking on links sent by unrecognizable senders via email. It is estimated that more than 44.8 % of virus infections happen when users click on such links.

Using Strong Passwords

Strong passwords have a mix of symbols, letters, and numbers. You should avoid the practice of using the same password or the common passwords for everything. Some of the common passwords that you should avoid include 1234567 and 123456. Passwords that contain more than eight characters are highly recommended. Underscore marks or spaces should separate these characters. Furthermore, computer users can use free services such as LastPass to manage and create their passwords.

Backing up Your Computer

It is important to back up all the information/data on your computer. Individuals who don’t back up their information are likely to suffer from calamities such as hard drive failure. You can either back up your important data on external hard drives or on cloud storage. Other online backup services that you can use to back up files include Google Drive.

Using Free Antivirus Software

antivirus softwareComputer users can protect their devices without paying for antivirus software. You don’t have to pay the annual subscription fees if you are using the free antivirus software some of the free antivirus software that you can use include Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows users.


Minimizing Downloads

The security settings of your Web browsers should be capable of detecting unauthorized downloads. For instance, those who are using Internet Explorer should use its medium security settings.